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We Offer Oswego, IL Residents Emergency Roof Repair

Many times roof leaks happen at the worst possible time. Which is why at Oswego Roofing Pro’s, we offer 24/7 emergency service. We are just a call away and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be more than happy to take your call and dispatch a professional technician. It’s what we do as a roof repair company!

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The Different Layers of A Residential Roof

Homes come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are taller than others and the pitch might be steeper than another. Here in Oswego, IL most roofs use an asphalt shingle, which we have done many roof leak repairs on. However, it’s not the only type of roofing material. There are other materials sometimes used. For example, cedar shake, slate, rubber or metal roofing materials. 

This is only the top layer of your roof, but there are more layers below which you can’t see. For example, right below the top layer is a protective sheeting. Installers put this layer down prior to shingling the roof in order to protect it from moisture. Many times, even if the shingle is penetrated this can protect the water from getting into your home and causing a roof leak.

Right below this layer is the final layer and this is the wood. You’ve probably seen this if you’ve ever driven past an unfinished home, it’s the plywood you see laying across the top of the home, before the asphalt shingles go on. This is typically a strong layer of lumber so that it can support the rest of the load of the roofing materials that lay on top of it. 

You can feel confident no matter the material of your home’s residential roof. We are able to repair it and get it functioning back to normal in no time. Call Oswego Roofing Pro’s to get a roof repair estimate now!

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